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Need-to-Know About Living in Blaine

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

3 min read
Need-to-Know About Living in Blaine

Everyone knows Minnesota for being the land of 10,000 lakes.

Except, that’s just us being modest. In actuality, Minnesota has more than 11,000 lakes. Two of which are located in Forest Lake: Lochness Lake and Sunrise Lake.

Besides these two lakes, Blaine is encompassed with ponds and sandy wetlands. See, the history of Blaine is that the land was once covered by a huge glacier. As the glacier melted, ice chunks formed depressions that filled with water. Resulting in the chain of lakes between Lino Lakes and Circle Pines.

All season long, residents reap the benefits from these waters. Either by going swimming, hanging out on the shore, ice skating, polar plunge, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and more!

Concerning the location, Blaine is a northern suburban city located 20 minutes away from Minneapolis.

If you’re still wondering what’s so great about Blaine, take these things into consideration.

The Basics

Population: 64,557
Average Age: 38
Median Home Price: $189,100
Median Rent Price: $1,077
Median Household Income: $79,915
Blaine, MN is the 624th largest city in the United States.


Between the months of May and September, you can expect to experience temperatures between 85- and 65-degrees Fahrenheit. But that doesn’t account for the percent of precipitation in the air. Summer days can feel cool, warm, or muggy.

Between the months of November and March, you can expect to experience temperatures between 24- and 5-degrees Fahrenheit. Nothing is guaranteed. One day it might be sunny and mild, and next there could be snow with a negative below windchill.

So, depending on what you’re used to before moving to Blaine, you’ll likely need a good heater and a good air conditioner.

Aside from the extremes, typically Blaine experiences mild weather, partly cloudy to sunny all year round.


If you’re someone who loves dining, shopping, and entertainment all in a relatively close area, you’ll love Blaine.

No longer will you have to drive from place to place, back and forth, to get your errands done. Instead, travel along Central Ave where you’ll come across all the basic necessities from groceries, food and drink, shopping, coffee, schools, parks, libraries, entertainment, public transit, and fitness.

You’ll find a variety of restaurants, schools, stores, parks, and apartments to choose from. Among the many things to see and do, there are a few highlights that you’ll get to take part in when you call Blaine home.


Combined all the amenities that surround the city and there’s destined to be employment opportunities.

According to the Census Bureau (ACS), in 2016 the unemployment rate in Blaine was 3%. That’s thirty-two percent less than the national average. The poverty rate of Blaine was 6%. That’s sixty-three percent less than the national average.

Looking for a place to work? There are job listings near Blaine that you can apply to today!


Get to and from where you need to go through the convenient drive routes of Highway 35W, U.S. Highway 10, and Interstate 65.

Whatever your reason may be for relocating to Blaine, you’ll reap the benefits over a multitude of reasons. Whether it’s the array of recreational opportunities, quality schools, or the convenience of a variety of shopping and dining options, you can’t go wrong.

From your new apartment in Blaine, you’ll have easy access to the entire vibrant Twin Cities area.

What are you waiting for?!