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An Efficiency Apartment

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
An Efficiency Apartment

For some, a one-bedroom apartment was just too big.

Now, prospective residents will have a variety of options, floor plans, and apartment sizes to meet the needs of their preferred lifestyle.

By the summer of 2020, Norhart will offer efficiency apartments.

So, what is an efficiency apartment?

An efficiency apartment is an apartment without a separated bedroom. Efficiency apartments have an open concept design that combines the sleeping and social space into one area.


Efficiency apartments are resourceful.

Don’t worry, the bathroom is still a separate room.

The kitchen in this case is often referred to as a kitchenette because the kitchen is in an open space; Whereas a studio apartment would have a separate room for the kitchen.

Efficiency means practical.

When deciding on furniture, it’s important to consider the size and placement of furniture in accordance to the layout.

Efficiency apartments are typically smaller in size than studio apartments.

Storage, or the lack of is the biggest problem. Again, the choice of furniture should be considered. Items can have multiple purposes. Some tables, bed frames, and couches have built-in storage.

With a smaller space comes lower cost. Relatively, efficiency apartments are cheaper not only in the cost of rent, but in energy cost. Efficiency apartments can save a resident money in multiple aspects of one’s day to day routines.

Efficiency apartments achieve maximum output.

Efficiency apartments aren’t for everyone. For someone who is a minimalist or just starting out may be able to adjust to the space best. For those who like to entertain, one might find that the space is too constrained.

With some thoughtful planning, efficiency apartments can look visually sophisticated, and cozy to call home.

Residents will be able to rent an efficiency apartment at our Encore Apartments, Summer 2020.