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Success is Success No Matter the Size

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Success is Success No Matter the Size

Success can be hard to define.

You have your idea of success, I have my idea of success, and everyone else has theirs - let alone society’s.

What if we thought of success as the feeling of happiness after accomplishing something?

Ultimately that is what we’re doing; We’re accomplishing something.

No matter how big or small of an achievement, if you’ve succeeded, you’ve succeeded.

It's something to celebrate.

Except, that's not always what happens.

After completing something great, we don't always feel successful. Why is that?

If other people don’t recognize our own success, we’re often left feeling discouraged.

In life there are going to be those who support you, and those who don’t.

People who will encourage your achievements and people who will think your dreams are silly or unrealistic.

Disregard what other people think.

It’s okay to have different interpretations of success.

Because of our own experiences, we’re motivated to achieve success for different reasons.

Two people can have the same goal, but completely different reasons for wanting to succeed.

Success is accomplishing something that means something to you.

Don’t stop doing what you’re doing just because other people don’t see it.

The key word is, you.

Not what other people think, but what you think is best for you.