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Apartment Wish List

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

4 min read
Apartment Wish List

Before you set out to hunt for an apartment, think through what your must-haves and your would like-to-haves are.

When you know these things ahead of time, it’ll be easier to tell whether a place fits into your lifestyle, or not. Without doing so, your priorities might shift, and areas of your life might get missed. It’s best to go in with an idea of what you want from an apartment than to be convinced otherwise from a property owner and be stuck in a lease that you regret.

Unfortunately, there is sometimes a gap between the apartment wish list and apartment that your money can actually get you. Which is why it's important to know the things that you honestly need from an apartment and the things you’d be okay with sacrificing.

Take these things into consideration when creating an Apartment Wish List.


The number one thing to consider is cost. How much rent can you afford? Consider the other areas of your life that you are paying for or plan on paying for. Stick within your budget.

How many people will be moving with you? Whether you’re moving as a family, getting a roommate, or living on your own make sure that everyone involved agrees on the space.

What about pets? If you’re a pet owner, instantly you’re looking to find a pet-friendly apartment. Already a pet is pointing you in your direction for where you’ll be moving to.

How much space do you need?

Think about what you like and dislike about your current living situation. For instance, maybe you really don’t like how small your room is. Jot that down as something you want to have different in your new apartment. Make it a priority to have a bigger bedroom. The same thing goes for other areas of your home.

Or maybe the oposite is true. Maybe you don't need that big of a space. Look for apartments that offer a variety of sizes. From efficiency apartments to the number of rooms. Find an apartments that has enough space for you and your needs.

Do you plan on entertaining?

Envision what your future looks like during your stay. Most apartments offer short term leases, but others require longer commitments. Think about who you’ll be inviting to your new home. Do you plan on hosting any celebrations? Will guest be spending the night?

When looking at an apartment, visualize if there’s enough space for your plans.

How do you sleep?

Consider the location of the bedroom. If you’re a light sleeper, you probably won’t want your bedroom to share a wall with a noisy apartment. Then there’s the sun. The alarm clock that’s silent. If these things are worrisome to you, be considerate when you decide to place furniture.


Moving in definition means, away or a new location. Think about the routine of where you live now. Places that you go to on a regular basis and the commute you take to work, school, friends’ houses, and family. Figure out how far is too far. Set a parameter of how far you’re willing to move and stick to it.

Check out real estate websites, like Zillow, where you can draw out a range from a certain location, add in your budget, and only be shown listings within that range. Opportunities are always popping up on the market. If you don’t see anything within the range, there will be.

What about the neighborhood?

Where you live might have something to say about your personality. Ask yourself if the apartments you like are available in the type of neighborhood that best suits you.

Maybe you’re attracted to the city and want to be surrounded by restaurants, nightlife, and events. Maybe you’re attracted to the countryside where you like quiet, openness, and proximity to parks. Or maybe you want a little bit of both.
Recognize what’s in the area of where you’re looking to live.


Is it worth it to you to live in an apartment with unique property amenities? Amenities may include a fitness center, movie room, game room, pet spa, pool, community room, on-site laundry, parking, air conditioning, or appliances.

Amenities are often included in the cost of your rent. You may pay more to have these amenities included. Decide if you can look elsewhere for your laundry, workout or social needs?


To some, a private balcony is an advantage while others look at it as a risk. Some want to live on the first floor while others want to live up a few levels. Some properties have an open entry door, while others have more security in place.

If safety is what you’re concerned about have an answer in place what you would like out of these situations. Understand what you’re comfortable with and what you are not.

When you start to mentally decorate the apartment, then you may have found the one… Congratulations and welcome home!