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Life and Work Life Are Two Different Things

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

2 min read
Life and Work Life Are Two Different Things

Having a career and having a life are separate things, don’t confuse the two.

When you are at work, you owe your employer your best effort, your concentration, and a good day’s work.

Simultaneously, a boss owes you a clear job description, a safe working environment, and a reason to come back to work.

There should be a mutual respect between an employer and an employee.

A respect where boundaries are honored.

Even though they are your boss, you do not owe them everything.

For instance, you do not owe your boss:

When your intuitive is screaming at you to speak up about something, do it. You do not need to be silent. Share your concern.

Compromising your health to put in a couple more hours of work is not always sensible. You still need time for yourself. Time to recoup from the stressors that come with working every day.

Don’t forget about the people at home, they need your attention too. Don’t lose track of the people around you who truly care about you.


You deserve the right to move onto better opportunities. Don’t hold yourself back because of your current employer. If there is a better chance somewhere, go for it.

You owe it to yourself to use these days for yourself. These days have been set aside -use them for personal activity, family time, or relaxation.

Personal Life
Information that is standard for employees to share to an employer is all that you need to share. Anything more than that is up to you. You do not need to divulge any more information to either your coworkers or to your boss.

“A bad system will beat a good person every time,” W.E. Deming.

Boundaries are important for a well-balanced life between home life and work life.

Work out a plan and see it through.

Find time for all the things that make you happy and satisfied with your life and work life.