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Renting with Pets

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

3 min read
Renting with Pets

Did you know that more and more people are getting pets?

This might be because having a pet makes life a lot more enjoyable. Your four-legged friend can turn a house into a home, or in this case an apartment into a home. In a recent study, 44% of households own a dog, and 35% a cat.

If pets bring love, happiness, and peace into one’s life, then shouldn’t moving with pets be a breeze?

You would think so, but that’s not always the case.

Believe it or not moving with pets can be challenging. While there are property-owners who would undeniably adore your furry friend, there are those who either don’t allow pets or are not too keen on having residents with pets.

Try to look at it from the property-owner’s perspective. Typically, pets imply the risk of property damage. Property-owners may have dealt with irresponsible people in the past, who neglected the rules.

It’s critical to prove that you are a responsible pet owner. One who shares the same concerns about cleanliness and safety of a property-owner.

Finding a pet-friendly apartment isn’t hard. There are many beautiful apartments out there. You just need to make certain that your furry roommate is as welcomed as you are!

Pet Resume

Make a positive impression on the property-owner.

With your application to a pet-friendly apartment, attach a resume of your pet(s).

Something good to include might be the pet’s medical history, proving that the pet was neutered, received vaccinations, etc.

If your pet has been a part of training classes, that could be nice to include.

A pet resume will show your animal in the best light and will leave a positive impression of yourself. Hopeful that the property-owner will be more inclined to consider you a responsible resident.


Reach out to former property-owners and ask them to write a testimonial. They can give an accurate representation of how you are as a pet owner.

Even a letter of recommendation from a family member, friend, or your veterinarian can play a role in renting your “dream home” with your furry friend!

First Impressions Matter

Bring with you pictures of your pet(s) to showcase how happy and healthy they are (be mindful of what’s in the background, you want to showcase your pet in good light). Sometimes it’s easier to show the personality of your pet to the property-owner than to describe.

Bring your pet in. Have your property-owner and your pet meet. If you choose this route, it’s important that your pet is well-behaved. You want to leave a good impression to the property-owner of your pet.

Patience is Key

Begin the search early.

Research what apartment communities are out there and learn what you like and don’t like. You may find that a good pet-friendly apartment has low vacancy. This could mean that the community is well liked among residents and their pets.

If your current lease is about to expire, it may be a good idea to extend your lease to buy you more time.

Moving can be a stressful and tedious task. So, why make it harder on yourself?

Don’t be in a rush to move. Afterall, you want your place to call home perfect for you and your furry friends!