Effects of Positive Conflict

Conflict at work is something that is often avoided because it can be frustrating, uncomfortable, or sometimes hostile.

For some, it is something that one does not know how to respond to.

Let’s turn the stigma that surrounds conflict into something positive.

The key is to keep the conflict positive.

For instance, there is a difference between being honest and being brutally honest.

There is a difference between control and collaboration.

And there is a difference between feedback and criticism.

To move conflict from detrimental to beneficial requires trust and transparency among team members.

How people respond to conflict is within their control.

Positive conflict doesn’t necessarily mean that the conflict occurred was good, but that the conflict ultimately led to something beneficial.

Positive conflict encourages open-mindedness.

It inspires new thinking.

Raises questions that need to be addressed.

Builds relationships.

And, keeps the organization moving forward with fresh ideas.

When opposing ideas are discussed, in a friendly manner, a breakthrough of thinking can transpire.