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A Bad Boss Is…

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
A Bad Boss Is…

Bosses can often be placed into categories based on their management styles.

Skip the categories and think about whether your boss is a good boss or a bad boss.

Maybe you’ve worked for a bad boss before and now have a much better boss.

Or maybe the opposite is true. Maybe you initially worked for a good boss and the boss you have now is worse.

No matter the circumstances, a bad boss is easy to identify.

Does he/she steal the spotlight?

No praise for the team. No recognition of team members. The manager takes all the credit. When this happens, the moral of the team plummets.

Is he/she egotistic?

This can occur when a manger is absorbed with their own feelings. They may belittle your work and are only concerned about their accomplishments. When this happens, employees feel discouraged.

Are they sporadic?

What’s decided on Monday, may not be true come Tuesday. A bad manager is uncommunicative with their team. When plans continuously change, employees are left feeling lost with no sense of direction or guidance.

Do they listen?

Suggestions get shared but are quickly shut down. Collaboration is rushed. The manager ignores the ideas of others. When this happens, employees question their value to the employer.

A bad boss is never satisfied with anything.

Everything flows through them.

They’re easily threatened.

The effects of a bad boss play a vital role in employee turnover, engagement, behavior, and health.

It’s not that these bosses are bad people.

It can sometimes be that the wrong person is in the wrong position.

There are mitigation strategies when working for a toxic boss. Try exploring other opportunities within your organization. Consult with your HR department. Surround yourself with a support network. Talk to your boss. But most importantly, know when it’s time to go.

Line up your next move, give proper notice, and articulate your plans for transition.

Remember, it’s okay to quit.

You deserve to be a part of a better work environment.

Your future personal and professional self will thank you.