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The Ideal Rental Reference

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

2 min read
The Ideal Rental Reference

It can be a dauting task when it comes to qualifying for an apartment.

Landlords and property managers will be asking you questions from all areas of your lives. They’ll ask about your current or recent employers, your income, relationship, and education.

It can be unsettling to share your personal information to people you don’t necessarily know, just to get an apartment. Afterall, you’re sharing personal information.

To make the process easier, we suggest having strong referrals to your application. Apartment application referrals can make the process a whole lot easier.

The people you choose to vouch for you can ensure that you get the apartment you want. These should be people who know you in a personal, financial, educational, or professional way who can confirm you have the qualities of a good tenant.

The Best Options

If you’ve rented before and you were a good tenant, your former landlord would be your best option. They would be able to validate the things that your potential property manager cares about.

Next, would be employers. They can demonstrate similar qualities and explain your responsibilities. At the same time, your employer would verify your maturity while confirming your cost of income.

If not your employer consider your professors, mentors, and coaches. These people can vouch for your reliability, character, and consistency.

Bad Credit

Typically, landlords will run a credit check to see how you’ve handled your money. Even if you have bad credit, it won’t hurt to have a few references. They might be able to help answer any additional questions regarding your finances.

Come Prepared

Asking people to write a letter about you can be time consuming, not everyone has time to do so. If that’s the case, you’ll want to get the name, email, and phone number of at least three people to share with the landlord. This way, the landlord can reach out to your referral themselves if they’re interested.

Remember, this is an exciting moment in your life.

Don’t let the apartment application burden you.

Take it step by step and soon you’ll be stepping into your new home.