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Don’t live for Friday

  • Mike Kaeding

Mike Kaeding

1 min read
Don’t live for Friday

Instead live for:




If you live for the weekend, you are missing out on the rest of your life. Don’t let work become something you dread.

If it is, you may have not yet found your passion. Or maybe you aren’t working with the right group.

We always want to find and hire people who will love their work. There will always be difficult days. But in general, we want people who are excited for the week to start.

If you consistently dread work, you aren’t living to your full potential. At our company, we’ll try to find the right spot for you where you will be passionate about your job. Keeping you in a spot you dread isn’t good for you or us.

So, if you dread your job, put some energy in to finding a better position or company. Your future self will thank you.