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5 Tips when Decorating Small Spaces

  • Norhart


3 min read
5 Tips when Decorating Small Spaces

Although our apartments are designed with open concept floor plans to give you the most space between the living room, dining room, and kitchen it's sometimes still not enough room.

That is why it’s valuable to make the most out of the limited space.

It's like an optical illusion. With a few minor touches, you can make your apartment appear to be bigger than it may be. Take these suggestions and see how they work in the living room. Then, add these ideas to other areas of your apartment and soon you’ll be living in comfort.

Light Colors

The colors that you use throughout your rooms really matter. Lighter colors make a room feel roomier and maximize the effect of utilizing the natural light. In comparison, dark colors absorb the light making items appear bigger – resulting in your room feeling smaller.

The light used in each room also comes into play. When you use bright lights, the atmosphere of the room will appear to be more inviting.

When you decorate with the right colors and utilize the effects of bright lights, the room will give the impression that it’s bigger and more inviting.

Furniture Decision

To have a bigger space, doesn’t necessarily mean you need smaller furniture; Instead, be mindful of the furniture you use. Be mindful to leave wall space. Tall furniture that covers up the wall, like book shelves, can make the ceiling appear low.

Furniture comes in all different shapes and sizes. Scale your furniture to fit the space. Don’t over crowd your room with too much furniture.

Some furnishings are multi-functional and change shapes to meet your needs. For example, some couches and bed frames are equipped with drawers for storage underneath. Even tables, some are expandable and collapsible to fold to different lengths when needed.

To utilize the space, it’s best to place larger pieces of furniture near the outside of a room. But, don’t forget about the first tip. Choose lighter colored furniture to assist in capturing more light to make the space feel lighter.


Center of Attention

Make the room feel complete with a detailed item that will grab someone’s eye. With the other two suggestions in mind, carry the same color or pattern throughout the room. In doing so, the room will look organized and open.

Now, create a focal point in the room by drawing attention to a patterned canvas on the wall, a decorative mirror, a throw pillow, or a decorative item on the coffee table. Careful not to add too many items. Too many dispersed items can make a room feel cluttered.

With one or two decorative pieces, light colors, and thoughtful furniture decisions a room can appear to feel bigger than it is.

Looking Glass

Although you can't physically make more room, you can make a room appear to be larger. Using mirrors, a room can have a sense of depth.

Go a step further and place the mirror in sight of the focal point. With mirrors being reflective, comes the ability to showcase more light. With more light, the rooms are brighter and appear bigger.

Take another step and consider purchasing furniture designed with mirrors. For example, there are tabletops made from mirrors. Same goes for cabinet doors.

Stay Organized

With the other suggestions in mind you should be well equipped to make your room feel larger. The last area to remind you of is clutter. Make it a habit to keep your stuff organized. Things tend to build up.

Simplicity is sometimes best. Don’t overcrowd a room by having too many things. Keep your walls clear. A cluster of things hanging on the wall take up space. If you have one thing on the wall or even having items spaced out, the room won’t seem so busy.

Same goes for the floor. Having clear sight lines of a room, demonstrate more space.