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Starting a New Business – Meet Vincent, CEO of HomeTread

  • Mike Kaeding

Mike Kaeding

1 min read
Starting a New Business – Meet Vincent, CEO of HomeTread

A few months ago Vincent, from HomeTread, sent me a message on LinkedIn.

It was a humble message that shared with me his vision about how auto repair could be done better.

I loved his idea and agreed to meet with him. Once we met I got to hear his passion. His company will come to your home and repair your vehicle on your time. Let me pause there.

Think about it.

You do not need to bring your car to an automotive shop. You do not need to wait. You do not need to be inconvenienced by not having your car for a day or two. You can have everything done at home while you spend more time with your family. And the price is comparable to what you would pay at an automotive shop.

I think this is game changing. I’ll take a bet right now that someday we’ll see the HomeTread name all over the country and maybe the world.

What I love most is that fundamentally Vincent is working to create a better way for people to live. That’s his heart. He is not driven to create a big company or make a lot of money. He wants to make your life better.

So, I invited Vincent to join me last week. We got to talk about what it’s like starting a business. We talked about the pain and importance of failure. We talked about how to find investors and supporters. I think you’ll enjoy the conversation. So, here is the video:

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