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An Unconventional Interview

  • Mike Kaeding

Mike Kaeding

2 min read
An Unconventional Interview

A recent job candidate had an unconventional approach that worked!

We recently had a job opening. A candidate applied for the job. He had no experience and no relevant education. But he was a phenomenal person looking to work for a company that was doing work he could believe in.

During the phone interview, I questioned him on his technical skills. They weren’t strong, but I liked his passion. So, I gave him a couple of books to read before the interview. I wanted to see how fast he could learn the material.

The day for the interview arrived. He put a great effort forth, but his skills were too weak for what we needed.

So, I stopped the interview. I said that I thought his skills were probably too weak for this position. But then I said I really liked him as a person. So, I asked, what is your passion? What would you really like to do?

He started sharing with us what his passion and strengths were. Then together we started to see how he might fit into our company in a different way.

This was exciting!

Then the candidate said something interesting. He said that he figured this was the way the interview was going to go. He liked the position he was applying for, but he knew his skills were too weak. But he wanted the chance to have the interview so that he could build a relationship with us. His hope was that we would like him enough to still find a place in our company for him.

I don’t know if this technique would work for everyone. It’s definitely an unconventional approach. But it worked this time!

I think it’s important to have faith in yourself as a job candidate because even if you aren’t a perfect fit, another opportunity might arise. And I think it’s important for employers to give each candidate full consideration. Even if the candidate doesn’t work out for one position, there could be something else that he or she would be perfect for.

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