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Stop Doubting Yourself

  • Mike Kaeding

Mike Kaeding

2 min read
Stop Doubting Yourself

Last week we were invited to the corporate headquarters of Target.

Target is one of the world’s largest retailers. They have about 2000 stores and take in about $70 billion in revenue every year. They are number 39 on the fortune 500 list.

I have never been invited to such a large corporation.

I was terrified.

We were invited to talk about the possibility of doing a deal together. I can’t go in to the specifics. But it isn’t anything too exciting. Regardless, it would be an interesting opportunity for our company.

So, I was very nervous.

Push Yourself to Something Greater

I believe it’s important to push yourself. Personal growth happens at the edge of your comfort zone. Don’t stay in your comfort zone because then you won’t grow. Instead constantly put yourself in situations that push you.

When I first heard of this Target opportunity, I didn’t want to do it. I knew it would be uncomfortable. And I started to doubt myself. I asked, why would Target want to work with us? They are so big, and we aren’t.


We have a great staff that scheduled me for the meeting despite my nerves.

I’m finding that almost every day I’m in a situation that pushes me out of my comfort zone. It definitely isn’t comfortable. And there is stress that comes with that. But I’ve started to learn to accept the challenges. I’ve learned that if I fail at some of the events that’s ok. But what’s worse than failure is to not try at all.

The magic of pushing myself to do these things is that they get easier. What scared me last year is now easy and routine this year. That’s where the power comes in! Now I’m ready to take on even more challenging things.

Believe in Yourself

The Target meeting went incredibly well. The person we met with was so very nice. We talked through some interesting ways that we could work together and I’m excited for the future.

The interesting thing is that often the fear we create in our head is so much worse than the thing itself. That was definitely the case with Target. I was terrified. But that fear was totally unfounded. Instead, it was a great experience.

So, stop doubting yourself and start believing that you can do great things. Because when you believe in yourself, you’ll be surprised and how many great things you can accomplish.

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