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Believe in Your Staff and They will do Incredible Things

  • Mike Kaeding

Mike Kaeding

1 min read
Believe in Your Staff and They will do Incredible Things

Only two people said they would come to our new resident board information meeting.

This seemed like a disaster.

See our goal is to create a better way for our residents to live. One key strategy is to build a stronger sense of community in our apartment buildings. One of our employees came up with an incredible idea to start a resident board.

We carefully selected residents, sent letters, and made phone calls over the course of a month.

Despite all our hard work, only two people said they would come to the informational meeting.

Some of our staff were upset.

They thought our residents didn’t like this idea. Building real community is too hard.

Some wanted to cancel the event.

But we didn’t.

See the truth is that failure is part of the journey to success. And if you think an idea is going to fail, it probably will. But if you believe in an idea sometimes that belief makes the idea successful. So, we chose to believe in this idea and to keep pushing forward.


Something powerful happened.

We had a great turn out!

On top of that, the residents were engaged and coming up with great ideas on how to build a stronger community.

They came up with some of the best ideas that I have ever heard of.

And none of this would have happened if we had quit when it wasn’t looking good.

Keep persevering especially when it gets difficult. Success only comes after the long struggle.

We are working on building a community of people who care about great management. We are going to start doing some online events like a Facebook Live event. If you want to learn more about upcoming events, consider subscribing to my newsletter by visiting the following link: