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An Appreciated Staff is a Motivated Staff

  • Mike Kaeding

Mike Kaeding

2 min read
An Appreciated Staff is a Motivated Staff

I almost blew it!

One of our staff members came up with an incredible idea.

And I just about missed it.

Last Friday was Good Neighbor Day. One of our employees came up with the idea to share a little gift to all of our residents and neighbors.

She shared the idea with her coworkers. Her coworkers loved the idea as well. So together they spent extra time creating little gifts with a nice inspirational note. They handed them out and people loved it! We got comments from people who were so impressed with how our company cares for them.


Meanwhile, I heard that this was going on, but I didn’t really hear it. I was so busy with all of the issues I was dealing with.

Then late Thursday night it hit me.

I suddenly realized how incredible this really was.

I immediately sent out an email thanking the people I thought made this happen. But they messaged back that one employee came up with this idea.

The next day I called this employee and thanked her for what she had done.

As a leader it’s easy to miss things like this. But that’s no excuse. We need to step up and appreciate people for their ideas, dedication, and hard work.

As an employee, life is short. Find a leader and a company that care about you and your ideas. Find a team who will bring the best out of you. If you find a great place to work, then it will never feel like work. You owe it to yourself to work with people who care!

We are working on building a community of people who care about great management. We are going to start doing some online events like a Facebook Live event. If you want to learn more about upcoming events, consider subscribing to my newsletter by visiting the following link: