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5 Winter Tips From The Pros At Norhart Construction ❄️

  • Gabi Balbuena

Gabi Balbuena

2 min read
5 Winter Tips From The Pros At Norhart Construction ❄️
Norhart Construction Employees share how to stay warm working in the winter

Working in the construction field can be tough to work primarily in the fiercely cold weather. Here are some tips from our Norhart Construction Team for you!

1. The most important advice our Norhart Team can give you is to layer up! The standard for layering is to have 3 layers: a base layer, a middle layer, and an outer layer. This layering strategy is proven to help keep you warm through the coldest temperatures.

2. Our Norhart crew knows a thing or two about staying toasty in the frigid tundra. They know all too well, your head and feet are prime spots for heat loss, so they suggest you strap on some insulated boots and cozy socks. The last thing we want is a team of icicle-footed employees, so we go all out with safe and practical gear. Norhart created a whole store dedicated to our staff with the best cold-weather clothes out there! You too can get in on this cozy & functional action. Go ahead and check out The Norhart Store - it's not just for our employees

3. Hands are the most important body part in assemblies. Although many workers tend to remove their gloves and continue working, this only increases the chances of frostbite. If you are going to work outside the building as well, a way that has worked for our Norhart team to stay warm is by using mittens, and a combination of a glove liner with mittens is ideal when taking breaks or resting in the cold.

4. In case you don’t like wearing gloves, an alternative that you may consider is using pocket/hand warmers to keep your hands toasty warm. A lot of us use them and they are so worth it! Investing around $30 could be worth it if it lasts the whole winter.

5. And remember! From a Norhart Building team member to you: it is very important for you to keep your body fueled with healthy and high-protein snacks throughout the day. You will need that energy for working in manufacturing, precast, concrete or any other trade! 🥙

Are you tired of feeling frozen to the bone while working in the field during the winter months? Don't let the cold weather hold you back from pursuing your career goals! Take action now and visit to learn how you can brave the cold and thrive in your construction job.⚡

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