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5 Ways to Make New Friends in a New City

  • Mike Kaeding

Mike Kaeding

4 min read
5 Ways to Make New Friends in a New City

Traveling is one of the most thrill-inspiring human experiences.

In addition to letting you learn a thing or two about a foreign city or country, traveling also comes with some magical therapeutic effects.

One of the best ways to enjoy a wonderful experience in a new city or country is by making new friends. But if you’re an introvert, making new friends in a foreign destination is easier said than done.

Usually, there are lots of things working against you, including language barrier and cultural differences.

Read on for some insightful tips on how to make friends in a new city.

Reasons to Forge New Friendships in a New City

International friendships are particularly instrumental if you are looking for jobs and investment recommendations.

You can always leverage the experience of these friends to know which companies are hiring, the best business opportunities to invest in, etc.

The following are other reasons to make new friends in a new city.

1. They encourage further discovery

Friends in a new city are resourceful when you need to learn about the local tourist gems to visit and fun-filled activities to partake in. Levering their advice, you’ll also be able to avoid crime hotspots in and around your new city.

2. They’re usually strong

Most friendships made during travel are considerably stronger than those made at your home city. Such friendships aren’t built on quicksand or conveniences of the moment. Instead, they’re inspired by a genuine desire to discover more about the other person’s way of life.

3. They foster harmony and tolerance

Friends in a foreign city likely speak a different language or profess different cultural beliefs from your own. This knowledge alone will help you to appreciate the differences that exist between the two of you.

As you continue to learn more about them, you’ll uncover even more surprising differences, allowing you to live harmoniously while remaining tolerant to each other’s beliefs and cultures.

Ways to Make New Friends in a New City

1. Blend In With Your Neighbors

One of the easiest ways to make new friends in a new city is to blend in with your neighbors, and there are numerous methods to go about this.

First, you can mix up with your neighbors by attending local events in the neighborhood. A weekend party in your neighbor’s backyard or at some community event are excellent occasions to mingle with new people. To make the event more colorful, you can also consider ordering and tagging along your favorite red wine from a reputable retailer.

Another way to blend in with your neighbors is to join them in their routine workouts around the neighborhood. Just try not to be a distraction. Remember, the goal is to make new friends and not be a nuisance.

2. Use Social Networking Platforms

Social media platforms are powerful tools that allow people to meet and interact virtually. The platforms are particularly useful when you’re trying to make new friends in a new city. Some of these websites include MeetUp, NextDoor, Nearify, and Bumble.

To use social networking sites effectively, you’ll need to download their apps first. Then, you can set the app’s search features to only show friends in a given location. One of the best things about social media platforms is that most of them are 100% free to use.

3. Consider Language Exchange Programs

A language exchange is a special event where participants spend half of their time learning one language and the other half learning the other language.

As you shall find, language exchange events are purely informal. That allows you to interact seamlessly with the attendees while learning the local languages.

Besides helping you make new friends in a new city, language exchange programs will also enable you to master a foreign language. You can then interact with the locals without worrying about communication breakdown occasioned by language barrier.

4. Go Out a Lot

After finding themselves in a new city, some people choose to while their days away by binge-watching their favorite Netflix series or reading novels from cover to cover. Whenever they venture outdoors, they only do so alone, expecting that someone will somehow cross their paths and strike a conversation with them.

If this describes you, now is the time to shun the indoors and embrace the outdoors.

And while you’re at it, endeavor to start up conversations with people. Drop that mean-looking face and smile a lot.

A smile can initiate a magical connection between two people, making you know who might be interested in a conversation and who might not.

5. Know Where to Hang Out

Going out a lot is a great way to make new friends abroad. However, where you hang out matters the most.

Familiarize yourself with where people hand out the most. Start easy by visiting the coffee shops, shopping malls, or amusement parks.

It does not matter which city your wanderlust spirit takes you – you can make a friend anywhere.

The tips we have highlighted above will not only come in handy in helping you to make new friends abroad, they’ll also help you to meet people with whom you share similar interests with even at home.