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How to Use Feng Shui Principles When Decorating Your Living Room

  • Norhart


4 min read
How to Use Feng Shui Principles When Decorating Your Living Room

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese design practice that moves the energy also known as chi in a room.

In order to master Feng Shui one must first understand chi and how it moves in a room.

Here are some tips to help you make the chi flow in your living room as perfect as possible.

Elements of Life

Along with the nine areas of life, the Bagua also details the five elements that are important to Feng Shui. They are fire, wood, metal, earth, and water. Each of these elements is represented by colors, directions, and materials that can bring harmony and peace to a space. Adding the elements to your living room with furniture, paint colors, such as lovely and calming teal, decor, and artwork are crucial for balancing the room’s energy and flow of chi.


Reducing clutter in your home is essential for the flow of chi to be uninhibited and free.

Keeping areas clean and free of unnecessary things will help with energy flow through a room regardless of how the room is set on the Bagua map.


Using furniture with sharp edges and cutting corners can create an uncomfortable energy in a room so opt for rounded pieces or circular tables instead to keep the energy flowing.

Making the coffee table the focus of your living room is beneficial. When choosing a table try to sway toward a round shape whether it’s an oval or a circle and err on the side of wood or metal for the material. Making sure this surface stays clean and uncluttered is important to keep the energy flowing!


If you have a television in your living room, placing it on the North side of the room will bring good luck in your career whereas placing it on the South side will enhance the chance of being famous.

When not using the TV, make sure it is covered or placed in cabinet so it doesn’t reflect bad mirror energy of clutter back into the room.

Take a Seat

Good Feng Shui for living rooms suggests there should be plenty of seating for guests and family members so making sure there is a comfortable couch and plenty of chairs, stools, ottomans, and loveseats is a must - just be sure not to overdo it because we also don’t want to overcrowd the space!

When considering a couch or sofa for your living room, it is best in Feng Shui to avoid L-shape sofas or angled sectionals as they represent poison arrows that bring a negative energy into a space.

Instead opt for a rounded sectional or a traditional couch. If you absolutely can’t get rid of your angled piece - add a crystal or potted plant on either side to combat the negative energy with positive chi.

When placing that sofa, it is best to put it on a sturdy wall to bring safe energy to the space. Never place a couch in front of windows as to avoid obstructing light and the view. Try to avoid floating a couch in the center of a room as well.


Making a room open and full of light is another principle of Feng Shui.

In a living room - making sure there are light reflecting mirrors is important. Also layering light if there isn’t a lot of access to natural light is important to keep the energy positive and bright.

Sconces, task lighting, and overhead lighting are all ways to layer light in a space or course in addition to any unobstructed natural light via windows or skylights.


When decorating it is advised to use metal as accents. Incorporating metal in bowls and picture frames will help encourage productive energy flow and circles are associated with metal and a round rug or mirror will help encourage the metal element and productive chi.

Using mirrors in your decor is very beneficial when they are hung in the North or the Northeast as to bring the element water into a space. Bringing a mirror can bounce light back into a room but avoid placing a large mirror across from people standing in an entryway or anything reflecting clutter.

Finding and decorating a wealth corner is a simple task that can boost the chi flow in a home. Stand in the center of your home and find the south east corner which is the wealth corner.

Decorating with a jade plant or adornments to bring good energy into the space will help boost wealth potential in your home!

Another way to increase wealth energy is by adding a wealth bowl to your living room coffee table, in Feng Shui gold, crystals, gems, and coins symbolize wealth so by adding these items to a bowl will help bring wealth energy to your living room.

Bringing the earth element to a space is easy by adding potted plants. They bring good energy flow and it’s a natural accent to brighten a space. Placing these things in the East corner will amplify the energy they give off so plan accordingly when decorating the living room!

Follow these tips when decorating and your entire home will be flowing with positivity and good chi!