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Journey > Goal

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Journey > Goal

A Harvard study found that we spend almost 50 percent of our time thinking about the past and the future, instead of on the present.

It’s this kind of thinking that can lead to an increase in unhappiness.

Rather than focusing on the goal and instead on the journey, our mindsets change.

When looking ahead, we see our goals as something that will be attained at some point in time.

When we look at where we are, right now, there are bite-sized steps that can be acted on, today.

The difference is dreaming vs. doing.

Or, the journey vs. the goal.

You see, life is a story of pit-stops. In order for there to be pit-stops, there needs to be a destination.

Although they are small, pit-stops amount to small wins where growth and learning occur, ultimately creating momentum to reach the goal.

Now, goals are different for each individual, and are done at their own pace.

The act of comparison is being mean to yourself for no reason other than someone’s path is different from yours.

I say this to remind you that what you’re doing is good for where you are in life.

For instance, imagine if you were only happy when you achieved something. The time is takes to achieve something, depending on what it is, can take a long time. Those dreaming about the goal, will never be happy with where they are.

In contrast, when someone learns to love the journey, they will increase their happiness by being happy that they are that much further than they were before.

Therefore, doing is better than dreaming.