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Leaders’ Reputation on and off “Stage”

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Leaders’ Reputation on and off “Stage”

Our reputations are built on ourselves.

Whether or not we’re in the office, talking with people in person or online, what we display is what others believe to be true about us.

Before stepping on stage, first impressions and communication occur.

This ‘stage’ that I’m talking about are the moments when people in leadership positions are on the clock or in the spotlight – times when they’re supposed to image a leader.

But what happens when they clock out? When leaders clock out, they are still in the spotlight. For instance, does their personality, behavior, and speech alter when they’re having dinner with friends, on vacation with family, or running errands and bump into someone unexpectedly?

People determine who someone is based on collective experiences and interactions, which affect how they respond.

Professionals often forget that credibility is built on consistency.

A great leader is mindful of their behavior every day and in every circumstance. They portray on the outside, who they are on the inside. For, we don’t always realize when people are watching, but there are employees, customers, and peers everywhere.

In terms of advertising, 92% of people say that they trust word-of-mouth from friends and family above all else.

Think of one’s character or reputation as what ‘markets’ them. If someone experienced a leader doing anything not ‘leader-able’ and then shared that with others, now people who may not even know the person has an opinion of them.

This is why it’s important to be clear and concise in all communications.

Our individual reputation is up to each one of us. We control what we say and what we do, and as a result how others see us.

Reputations aren’t things that just happen, but are an accumulation of things that happen both on and off ‘stage’.