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Leaders Give Recognition

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Leaders Give Recognition

Other than being underpaid or overworked, employees tend to leave organizations because they feel undervalued or unappreciated.

Two of the most basic human desires, to feel valued and appreciated, are not necessarily being met within organizations.

Something that should be common sense.

Rather than managing through pressures and demands, managers should appreciate, and encourage.

For, actions speak louder than words.

Leaders show that they appreciate their employees through their actions. They show by attentively listening, giving constructive feedback, including others in the discussion, and speaking with kindness, etc.

Leaders that don’t appreciate their employees expect their loyalty and commitment.

Leaders that do appreciate their employees work hard to earn their trust and dedication, time and time again.

After all, employees are the driving force behind every business’s success, it’s time that they feel appreciated.