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Inspiring One Another

  • Mike Kaeding

Mike Kaeding

1 min read
Inspiring One Another

One of my employees shared with me a new idea.

It was a better way to do a task within our company.

The only problem, they don't know if they should share it with the team.

I asked this person why.

Why they didn’t want to share this with the people who needed to know this.

It was a great idea and I felt that they should be informed so that we can do things better.

This employee said that they were worried that if they shared this idea, that other people would be upset with them.

I went on to explain the culture of our company.

That we want to inspire.

Inspire people to bring up ideas with each other and to encourage disagreement.

There is a conflict that happens that is sometimes uncomfortable, but in an environment where there's a deep level of respect, everyone can get along.

That a person’s idea won't impact what other people think of them.

If you can get your culture to that state, it allows people to feel more comfortable bringing up ideas of their own.

"Everything begins with an idea," Earl Nightengale.

For this employee, I encouraged them.

I said it's okay if there's a little bit of conflict as long as you're doing so in a respectful way.

Ideas should always be shared for they inspire others and contribute to the growth of a company.