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Choose Happiness

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Choose Happiness

Today is a special day, because today it is February 4, 2019.

It’s a special day because there has never been a February 4, 2019 and there will never be another one again.

Life is too short to not to be happy.

So, why not live this day, a happy day.

As we grow older, we become increasingly aware of the fact that life is too short.

Although it may be easier said than done, all the hardships and disappointments of the past or present should not stop us from living our next moments in the pursuit of happiness.

When pursuing your own happiness, remember that life is too short

not to celebrate the little moments

to spend time with people who drain you of your happiness

not to be who we are

not to help one another

not to be kind to each other

to spend it trying to please other people

to stay in a job where your talents aren’t appreciated

to worry about what people think of us

not to do the thing we enjoy

to hold grudges, to live life with regrets, or to hold everything in

or to spend too much time away from our loved ones.

Tomorrow isn’t promised which is why it’s best to enjoy today because life is simply too short to be anything but happy.

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