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Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Giving & Receiving Feedback

Recently, I was told about a flaw of mine that I was not aware of.

I get really excited about ideas that I will help start and kick them off, but then I run away and go after the next idea leaving everyone in the wake to get that job done.

I’ve basically crushed everyone around me.

They're working crazy hours and they're getting burnt out based on my behavior.

I would not have known that this was a flaw of mine, unless someone brought it to my attention.

That is why, it's important to give feedback.

Feedback provides motivation.

Feedback increases growth.

Feedback gives us a sense of purpose.

Feedback prevents us from getting discouraged.

When looking at someone else, you can see 100% of them. Parts of their personality that are plainly obvious to you and everyone else around you; Except, that individual has no idea.

In comparison, when you look at yourself, you can only see about 80%.

The other 20% you need a mirror to see.

The same is true about personality.

At first, giving and receiving feedback may be extremely painful.

Overtime, there's this wonderful stage that starts to happen where everyone around you, including yourself, are willing to joke and have honest and open dialogue about it and it's not painful anymore.

And, that's a wonderful, magical place to be.

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