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Don’t Let Living in an Apartment Stop You from Having a Garage Sale

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3 min read
Don’t Let Living in an Apartment Stop You from Having a Garage Sale

Homeowners have it easy, you may be thinking.

When someone who lives in a home wants to get rid of some of their things, all they have to do is have a garage sale. Over the course of a day, a week, or for as long as they really want, they can sell their stuff. Depending on the things, their stuff can be gone in an instant.

What is someone who rents an apartment supposed to do!?

Just because you don’t necessarily have a yard for a yard sale or a garage for a garage sale, there are still things you can do.


Chances are, you aren’t the only one wondering about this.

Begin by asking the property manager. All you need is some space to set up. See if they will allow you to use a room, either a community room, a vacant apartment, or whatever amenity spaces you have at your apartment. The lawn or even a couple parking stalls will do.

It just takes one to get the ball rolling. After you bring up this idea, maybe the property manager will ask around to see if anyone else would be interested. Then, you could have an apartment wide garage sale.

Don’t forget to ask city call. Whether or not your property manager gave you the ok, you’ll want to ask about if you need a permit. Even if you are on private property, you can never be too careful.

City hall should also be able to share with you where you can have a yard sale, if your property manager said no. Again, ask about a permit.


Combine your stuff with other people’s stuff.

Do you have a homeowner friend or family member? Maybe they’ll let you borrow their lawn, or better yet join you. Make a game out of it. Between you and the homeowner, see who will sell the most stuff.

Sometime churches and organizations will host trunk sales. Usually, you have to pay a small entry fee. You and everyone else will sell from the truck of your vehicle. If you have a lot of stuff, you’ll want a vehicle with the most space.


Selling things on the internet is just as easy, if not easier, than reading this article on the internet.

The internet is home to a lot of platforms that provide us with a great way to self-promote. For instance, we can sell something on Craigslist, share it on Facebook, and tweet about it on Twitter. If someone wanted to know what people are selling, they have a lot of channels to turn to. That’s a probable with garage sales.

Garage sales can be difficult to locate. How most garage sales are found is driving around town. Someone might be on their way to an appointment when they stumble upon a sign that says garage sale. They’re already late or maybe they don’t have cash on them so they tell to themselves to go back. By the time they actually get back, most of the good things (if there were any) are already picked through.

Selling on the internet is like having a garage sale sign in your hand. People aren’t going to miss you and they don’t necessarily need cash. You and the buyer can conveniently schedule pick up or delivery at a time that works. Plus, online, there’s a market for virtually everything. So, if you have something that you don’t know if someone will purchase, you might just find the right target audience.

Think about the time that you have. Any of the options listed above can take a good deal of time to organize and prepare only to give it away. Skip the hassle and just give it away.

You can keep the interior of your apartment neat and tidy while also helping those in need. Charities of all sorts are always in need of things – things that you have.

Rather than letting things accumulate around the apartment that you know aren’t going to get used or worn again, give it away to someone who will. Some things are even tax deductible which is always nice.

So, have that garage sale. You don’t need a garage. Especially not in today’s day and age.