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Tips For Making Your Home More Welcoming

  • Norhart


4 min read
Tips For Making Your Home More Welcoming

It is the holiday season and everybody is either visiting or welcoming guests at their home.

Naturally, we would like to make our guests feel at home when they visit us and there are many ways we can achieve that. The way you treat your friends, neighbors, and relatives when they visit is crucial, but you can also make your home more welcoming to show how much you care. If you are wondering how you can do that, search no more since we are here to give you some tips.

Make your home entrance inviting

Let's start from the beginning. If you live in a house, your front yard is the first thing your guests will see when coming over. So, if you would like to make your home more welcoming, you should start by cleaning and maintaining your yard. Make sure that your pathway is clear of snow and ice during winter to prevent the possible injuries you and your guests might experience.

For safety reasons, you should keep the lights on in front of your house, whether you're expecting guests or not. That's just one of the practical [lighting tips.]
Choose a nice doormat to put in front of your door and maybe you can get some of those welcome wreaths for your door to greet your guests.
Make room for coats and shoes if you practice a no-shoes policy at your home or if it's snowing or raining outside.

There are some nice touches you can add to your entrance and hallway to make them more welcoming, such as:
• framed family photos on the walls - to give an introduction to who lives there
• vases with fresh flowers - you can never have too many flower vases throughout your home
• table lamp - it gives softer and more pleasant light than an overhead fixture. There is nothing making your home more welcoming than proper lighting
• some aromatic candles - choose subtle smells that will appeal to anybody, the strong ones might be overwhelming.

Music will help you set the mood

Again, you should go for subtle music that is going to make a friendly atmosphere when your guests arrive. If you are entertaining during the winter holidays, why not go for some Christmas carols? They will make the festive atmosphere the minute your guests enter your home.

Warm up your living room

Your goal is not just making your home more welcoming for the guests, right? You and your family members are going to spend hours and hours in your living room, so you should make it as comfortable as possible for you too. Consider that when you are planning your living room layout even before moving into the house, or prior to remodeling and redecorating.

Investing in a comfortable couch or a big sectional is always a good choice. Choose colors that are warm and easy to maintain. Materials in your living room should also be natural and preferably those that age well. Those would be solid wood, leather, wool, etc. The normal tear and wear these materials undergo in time create a homey, welcoming atmosphere for your guests and your family members.

Making your home more welcoming by adding accessories

We cannot talk about comfy furniture without mentioning cushions! If you want to experiment with colors, materials, and textures - cushions are the perfect accessories for you. The stores offer millions of options, and all you have to do is to decide which pieces will fit the mood and tone of your living space. Even if you make a mistake, don't worry - you can pass them to your bedroom, porch or any other room wherein they would fit better.

Let's not forget the throws and snugly blankets! They will not only add to the beauty of the room, but they can be very practical during the winter months. A nicely decorated home during the holidays always feels warm and cozy. There are many holiday decor ideas that can turn the coldest place into the most welcoming one.

The power of smells is amazing

A great smelling home is always inviting. Some people prefer scented candles, some fresh flowers, while others think that the smell of home-made food is more welcoming than anything else. The choice is all yours!

Add plants to your living space

Plants bring life to our space and make it more welcoming. Luckily, there are so many decorative potted plants that you can buy nowadays to instantly add up to the appeal of your home. Whether you just want to have a few plants or grow an in-home garden, you should get informed about the specific requirements your plants have. Make sure that they get enough light and water them regularly. Remember, a suffering plant is not a welcoming sight.

Making your home more welcoming for guests staying over

Time flies when we spend it with the ones we love the most. That's why it is always nice when your friends and relatives can stay over so that you can catch up and chat a little bit longer. Have your guest room or any other bedroom ready for such occasions. Bedrooms are the usual places for collecting the stuff that we do and do not need, so you should think in advance and declutter before your dear guests arrive.

Cleaning and decluttering on a regular basis is something that you will benefit from even if you are not expecting guests. By keeping your list of possessions down to just the necessary items, you could be moving without breaking the bank, when the time comes for you to relocate, of course.
After cleaning and tidying up, make the bed with fresh linens, add some clean fluffy towels and the room will be ready for your guests. Don't forget to have the bathroom clean and supplied too.


Making your home more welcoming is not something that can be done overnight. It will take some time and a lot of thinking, but in the end, it will be worth it.