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Undeniably Awesome Reasons to Move

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

5 min read
Undeniably Awesome Reasons to Move

Have you thought about moving to a new house or apartment? Have you wondered what it would be like to be in a new location? If you haven’t, think of some good reasons to move.

In 2017, the household mobility rate reached 10.9% only. That’s 39.4 million Americans who changed residences in that year. It’s the lowest moving rate since the Census Bureau began kept up with these numbers more than half a century ago.

Making the choice to leave your hometown is not always easy. It takes guts to leave your comfort zone and move to a new environment. Below, we’ve got a list of 7 awesome reasons people move out of their decades-old homes.

1. Relocating with Your Job

Do you remember a time when your family had to move when you were young? Why move? Could you remember your parents’ goal of moving?

One of the top reasons for moving is to follow a career move or a job transfer. It’s possible that your parents had the same motives, too. And it could be that now, you do as well.

Often, people transfer when the new job offer pays higher or when the job assigns them to a new city. Other explanations include having to deal with long commutes and heavy traffic. They might think to move closer to their workplace to save money and time.

2. Getting a Home Upgrade

Home upgrades are always awesome reasons to move. It could be any reason for moving out of a home: pests, upsizing, or homeownership. Sometimes it’s taking a chance on a property you saw on sale.

This is most true with people who enter new stages in life. Should their families grow, they look for larger homes. Should they grow older and their children leave, they downsize back to a smaller space.

Some people move so they don’t need to spend money on renovating an old house. Others move out of apartments so they could get a new house and a place for pets. Remember to always look at the bright side of your new place if you move out of necessity.

3. Major Relationship Changes

Why do people move out when it seems like the perfect place already? Sometimes, it’s not the place but the people. A common reason for moving to a new home is to start a new household with a partner.

Sometimes it’s not a romantic interest but a family-related one too. Do you mean to take care of an ill or aging parent? Do you wish to be able to spend more time with your children while still fulfilling your duties at work?

Whatever the reason, it’s always awesome that you support your loved ones. Remember that no one can take better care of you other than family. As you move with loved ones, you all learn to build connections with new people.

4. Looking for New People and Environment

Need to get away from disruptive apartment neighbors or an unhealthy environment? Not everyone has the sensitivity to be a good neighbor. It can be better to move out before you lose your mind.

An environmental reason could be the immense pollution in your area. If you have children, you may think it would be healthier for them if you moved to a new place. Follow your parent instinct and start looking for cleaner prospects.

Although, make sure that you move into a new area or house that doesn’t pose the same problems. The key to avoiding this is research and advanced visits. Still, remember that no neighborhood is perfect.

5. Taking Your Opportunities at Better Education

Is studying at a school from a different state something you want to do? Taking educational opportunities is one of the top reasons people move, too. You’ll often see these in literature, movies, and such.

A good education is a great thing to pursue and it’s not something you can take online. Labs and other experiential activities are not things online classes can replicate. This is why you must move closer to your new school.

It may not even be a new school you’re after but still a similar affair. You may want to train under a certain field expert or professional. If it will better your future prospects, take the chance.

6. Seeking New Local Activity

Does it sometimes feel like the town you’re in is too small, too boring, and/or too comfortable? Could it be that you’ll be healthier, happier, or freer in a new place? Need a place for the nightlife or more backpacking activities?

If it does, follow your heart and take the risk!

Your hobbies might not match the town’s activities but that doesn’t mean you can’t move to one that does. When you move to a new place, you understand more about yourself.

Also, we know how it feels like change is necessary but you don’t have to do it alone. Make moving apartments fun with close friends and family. It’s better to let people close to you know where your new home is.

7. Braver Reasons to Move: Overseas Adventures

Are you the adventure-seeking type of person? Is there a new country offering a more exciting experience? This isn’t as common a reason but expanding your horizons is good for you.

When you go out of familiar grounds, you learn to adapt. Also, your mind opens up to accept new cultures, new people, and many other new things. You don’t stay afraid of change but you learn to accept and embrace it.

You immerse yourself in a different lifestyle. You learn a new language and many other things. Most important of all, your adventure-loving soul feels satisfied.

Enjoy Your New Home

Those are the 7 brave and awesome reasons to move into a new environment.

Sometimes, even if you don’t feel ready to move, life could force you to and you’d have no choice. Make the most out of it instead and look at the bright side.

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