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A Short Term Lease May Be For You

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

2 min read
A Short Term Lease May Be For You

For some, the thought of committing to a year-long lease can feel intimidating and restrictive.

To help make the apartment-hunting process a little simpler, and easier for renters, we offer short-term leases. We understand this, which is why we want to accommodate to each person’s preference and circumstance.

If flexibility is your biggest concern or you only need a place to stay for a short time, a short-term lease or even a month-to-month lease may be ideal for you.


A majority of rental agencies and management companies define short-term as six months or less; Most commonly, three, six, or nine months. Really, they can be of nearly any length depending on the situation.

Another kind of agreement is a month-to-month lease, the shortest and most open-ended option. This option doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to leave after a month or two. No, month-to-month allows the flexibility to add more months to your lease as you go.

Both of these options are typically used by those who honestly have no idea for how long they’ll need an apartment.

Even though short-term leases have downsides for both renters and landlords, there are a lot of benefits to flexible lease lengths.


The main reason for short term is convenience.

The length of the lease has the possibility to be tailored to your life.

Say you are looking for temporary place to stay while you determine where you'd like to live permanently, a short-term lease will give you flexibility.
• Traveling for business
• In the midst of finding a new job
• Renovating current home
• Family/friend reasons
• Between selling/buying home
• Housing during Educational purposes


The most significant downside is the cost.

Typically, short-term leases are more expensive. This is to make up for the cleaning fees and the marketing fees for the property owners to find a new resident.

If it turns out you truly like your apartment, most short-term leases can generally be switched to a long-term lease fairly easily – just ask your landlord.