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Learning From Those Around You

  • Emily Rice

Emily Rice

1 min read
Learning From Those Around You

We can learn directly and indirectly from others.

Another term for this is observational learning. Which is the process of learning through watching others.

Direct learning occurs when you ask someone for their advice and try to replicate what they did.

Indirect learning is when you observe what someone did.

“Everyone you meet has something valuable to teach you.”

What you learn from someone might be what not to do, what to do more of, what to change, what to try, etc. There are endless possibilities of things that one can learn from someone else.

That is because we all have different backgrounds. Different experiences. Different life lessons. We have all gone through things in life that could benefit the lives of others.

The trick is sharing the things we’ve learned with others.

When learning from others, it’s important to evaluating the effectiveness of what you’ve learned. Determine the probability of the tactic working for you. If you think it’ll work, then try it.

Be cautious, because the same approach taken by different people, may not result the same.

What resulted in success for one person, may result in failure for another.

“On your way to greatness you are guaranteed to fail; that is life for you it has no guarantees. What you do with your failure is what will take you to greatness,” Thabisile Ledwaba.

Failure is a part of the knowledge process.

Something that organization can take away from this is not to ruin the self-image of their employees because of their failures. But to learn from those failures and turn them into success.

“Everyone you meet knows something you don’t know, but need to know, learn from them.”