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Encore Apartments

Experience a Better Way to Live.

Designed in honor of Edward Kaeding, the late founder of our company. Encore Apartments in Forest Lake respsects the tradition of the past and honors the progress of the future. We are excited to offer an array of state of the art and resort style amenities. See how Norhart can offer you a better way to live.

Floor Plans
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Cutting Edge Fitness Center

Stay active without even leaving the building.

You wake up hungry to attack the day and get your morning workout in. You change into your exercise apparel and leave your apartment, but you won't be leaving the building. Down the hall, you see it, your paradise, the state of the art workout facility. You enter ready to push through any challenge set before you.

Fitness Center

Luxurious Pool Lounge

Catch some rays! Enjoy the weather!

You sit by the pool with the new novel written by your favorite author in your lap. You look to your right and reach for your partners hand. You can't believe this is your life. You squeeze your partners hand and smile brightly. The morning sun cascades down on you and warms your skin. A young girl jumps into the pool and laughs with her friends. This isn't a deluxe resort package, this is your new life, you just never knew it could be this good.

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Incredible Entertainment

Games and Movies, on us!

It's game time and you head to the arcade but you didn't bring your wallet. You won't need it, you live at the arcade! Let loose and game your hearts content. Then later, why not treat yourself to a movie. Popcorn? Check! Something to drink? Check! A whole pizza? Might as well! You've got the whole theater to yourself! It's just you and the movies!

Game Room

Self Serve Internet Cafe

Fresh, delicious, bean-to-cup coffee.

Enjoy a decadent cup of freshly ground coffee from the comfort of your own home whenever you want. Those $5 coffee shops can't compare, same great taste and it's free. Even better! Not a coffee fan? Treat yourself to a latte, or a cup of hot cocoa! It all happens with the touch of a button.

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Tight Community

Be a part of your neighborhood.

You walk down the hall and wave at your neighbor. You reminisce about the dinner your families shared the other night. Surf and turf, what a treat! You take your dog, Buster, to the dog park. Buster spots his best dog friend already playing and his tail begins to wag with excited anticipation. At the gym, your workout partner notices that you need a spot and steps up to help you out. Enore isn't just a place to sleep at the end of the day. It isn't just home. It's a community, a place to build rich relationships and bond with your neighbors. Come experience the difference for yourself!

Dog Park



Application Fee - $50
Pet Fee - $200
Pet Deposit - $200
DNA Fee - $50

*Only applies to dogs


Underground Parking - $95
Dog Rent - $55
Cat Rent - $40
Included Utilities - Trash



Comfort at your control

Encore Apartments offers central heating and air conditiong. Comfort is at the typs of your fingers.

Let Fido run free

With a dog park on the premises, you can let your four-legged friends run free and get all that extra energy out.

Stay stocked with clean clothes

No hassle in unit washers and dryers included in every unit. Never run out of clean shirts again.

Get with granite

Enjoy prepping your meals on luxurious, easy to clean, granite counter tops.

Leave the buffer behind

Experience blazing fast internet speeds by signing up for Norhart's affordable high speed internet.

Don't fret the dishes

Enjoy your meal without the dread of doing the dishes. With the included dishwasher in your unit, clean up is a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer short term leases?

We sure do. We offer lease terms of all varieties with competitive short term lease fees to make your interim stay with us affordable.

Can I rent the movie room and/or the community room?

Yes! Once you become a resident, we will give you instructions on how to secure a time to watch the big game in the community room or enjoy a film in the movie room.

What sort of equipment is in the Fitness Center?

The fitness center is fully stocked with brand new equipment to help you get or stay in shape. For those interested in a cardio focused workout, the fitness center has an array of treadmills and stationary bikes, and for those who want a to lift weights, the fitness center is equipped with a large selection of dumbbells and cable machines. Not to mention all of the extra equipment like bands, medicine balls, etc. No matter what your goals are, the fitness center has what you need to get it done.

Can I grill on my patio?

Unfortunately, due to safety risks, we must ask that our residents do not grill on their patio. We care about the safety of our residents and want to do everything in our power to make their time with us enjoyable, relaxing, and safe.

My credit score isn't very good. Can I still be accepted?

That is a great question. At Norhart, we want to make sure that everyone gets a fair and equal opportunity to be accepted into our community which is why we run a criminal and financial background check on all of our residents. If you are interested in renting a unit from us, we encourage you to apply. We won't know whether or not we can accept you until after the background check.

Can I smoke in the building?

Encore is a smoking free building which means that residents may not smoke cigarettes, pipes, cigars, or any form of e-cigarette in their unit, nor on their balcony. We do have designated smoking areas outside of our buildings where residents are free to smoke at their leisure.

Can I store my bike on my patio?

Unfortunately, due to health and safety concerns, we ask all of our residents to find another solution for storing their bicycles. All of our buildings (except for Encore) are equipped with a bike rack in the garage. For more information, please speak with a member of our friendly leasing staff.

Do you accept Section 8?

At this time, we do not. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Explore Forest Lake

Forest Lake Neighborhood

The community offers an array of activities appropriate for all ages. From your new apartment in Forest Lake, you’ll be able to enjoy 23 parks, 18 open spaces, 14 playgrounds, and 13 ball fields. The city also has access to the regional Hardwood Creek Trail that runs alongside Highway 61. Forest Lake is also the home to two lakes: Forest Lake and Clear Lake. Whatever activity you enjoy, Forest Lake has something for everyone.

Forest Lake History

Forest Lake has come a long way from land being traded, to a village of the people, the annexation of the township, to finally being recognized as a city in 1974. From people being transported by stagecoach, to railroads, and automobiles as the travel routes evolved from dirt roads to highways to interstates. Forest Lake has a fascinating history that captivates all audiences.

Forest Lake Apartments

Forest Lake is a beautiful city that is gently expanding. It is conveniently located off Highway 61 and I-35. It’s on the way to Duluth and a half an hour drive to the Twin Cities. Residents of the Forest Lake community can be seen enjoying the outdoors by visiting local parks, trails, and lakes. Within the neighborhood are schools, restaurants, and shopping stores to meet the needs of you and your family. The ease of commute is something that everyone loves about this city. No wonder why the people of Forest Lake are proud to call this city home.