Our Story

Our company started with just one man, Ed Kaeding. Growing up on the family farm near Devils Lake, ND, Ed acquired many valuable skills including those related to building and construction. During his college years, he helped his brother with new home construction, eventually moving on to apartment construction. Ed had a desire to build quality homes at an affordable price. His projects were successful because Ed had a keen sense of running a lean organization, keeping a close watch on all aspects of each phase of construction.

By the early 1990’s, Ed and his wife, Brenda, owned 20 rental units in North Dakota and decided to move the operations to Forest Lake, MN. Together they built the first 8-plex building in 1995. They maintained a steady pace of construction with 90 units completed. Their sons, Michael and Lucas, were also involved as part of construction teams. In the early 2000’s when the housing market was on fire Ed realized this was a poor time to invest in more apartments and wisely focused on paying down debt to weather the future storm he saw coming. After the crash in 2008 the small company was well positioned for further growth.

In 2009, their son Mike and his wife Alyssa began more significant roles in the development of the company. The four made plans to begin a 120-unit complex to be built in four phases. This was a very aggressive undertaking for the small company. By the fall of 2014, their dream and consistent hard work paid off with the completion of this large complex.

As time moved on and projects became larger, the importance for building a strong team became obvious. We have built an incredible core team to help us achieve our goals. Development has begun in other areas of the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area. We continue to follow the goal set all those years ago of providing quality yet affordable multi-family housing. The future looks bright and we are excited for the journey ahead!