Who We Are

Our company is focused on providing quality homes for people and helping care for the properties long after we’ve finished building them. We are proud to serve the Twin Cities metro area, the place we also call home. Our passion lies in building up communities for the better. Strong and thriving communities are the backbone of a great society.

What We Do

From dreaming up a new building, to presenting the project to a city council, to the actual process of construction, to the final step in handing over the keys to residents, we are there every step along the way. We are proud to develop and build multi-family residential buildings; a place that people can call home. Once we are finished building we like to stick around; we also manage and maintain the properties that we build.

Where We Are

Our operations are currently based out of the North Metro in the Twin Cities. Our future plans have us expanding throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. Come join us on our exciting journey!